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When I started handloading I got an RCBS rockchucker press kit that came with an RCBS case trimmer.

I was resizing .223 and 308 by having the die touch the shell holder [ lots of should push back, for those in Rio Linda].

That is enough to make anyone quit reloading, let alone trimming.

Then I put an RCBS Pro 3-way cutter in a vertical mill and a Lee Lock stud in the mill vise, pair of long nosed vise grips were used to turn the Lee shell holder like a handle. I could trim, inside chamfer, and outside chamfer in 5 to 10 seconds per round.


I now collet neck size where possible, and if I have to push a shoulder back, I do the absolute minimum I can get away with.

The higher the pressure, the more a case shrinks when fired, and them more it grows when the shoulder is pushed back by a full length sizer die.

I have fired 223 at 66kpsi for 20 times without trimming.


Then there is always being lazy and just buying new brass, but you may still have to chamfer the inside of the neck.
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