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Since you have failed to tell us that you have shot ANY living organism with a subsonic round-nosed bullet or pellet, I see no reason for anybody to take your word as based on any sort of expertise. Especially since it is in direct contradiction to what so many others have experienced.

One does not need to be an expert to realize that a hole broadside, completely thru both lungs will kill an animal....regardless of shape....and yes I have killed many an animal with sub-sonic pellets. I grew up using BB and pellet guns killing rabbits and squirrels. Still do occasionally in my back yard when they get into the bird feeder or my blueberry bushes. Never mattered what the shape of the pellet long as I hit them in the vitals. I'm bettin' the same would have been true for the squirrel you wounded and then watched suffer for weeks. I never claimed to be an expert, still don't. I generally respect others opinions, but I have no problem calling Bullcrap when I see it. Saying a flat nosed pellet in the guts is better than a spire point thru both lungs is just that......BS. I doubt that my statement that a bullet broadside thru both lungs, regardless of type shape will kill any animal is in contradiction to anybodies experience. Well, other than yours.

"Folks go on and on about the effectiveness of the bullets Elmer Keith used, but his shooting skills had much more to do with his hunting success than the type of bullet he used."
You decry "opinions" but Elmer Keith was "opinionated" by definition, especially when it came to bullets. He specified that "his" bullets should have at least a 70% meplat. Elmer Keith made his living telling other hunters what bullets,guns, and calibers to use. other words, you're saying his hunting success has more to do with bullet shape/type that his shooting/hunting skills? More BS. Yep, Elmer was opinionated, as are many of us. As I said before, I respect other folk's opinions and their right to use whatever they are confident and comfortable with whether it be for hunting or SD. I actually advise folks to do this. I do not tho, need to have them tell me that what they use can make up for poor shooting and hunting skills. I do not need them to tell me what is the best for me and my situations. I actually use large meplat hard cast bullets in some situations.......but I do not consider them the holy grail of bullets. Just another bullet type.
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