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"Folks go on and on about the effectiveness of the bullets Elmer Keith used, but his shooting skills had much more to do with his hunting success than the type of bullet he used."
You decry "opinions" but Elmer Keith was "opinionated" by definition, especially when it came to bullets. He specified that "his" bullets should have at least a 70% meplat. Elmer Keith made his living telling other hunters what bullets,guns, and calibers to use.
Some addendum to the cast "Elmer Bullet" (429421). As I remember, Elmer or others thought that the sharp semi-wadcutter shoulder would cut a clean-sharp wound through a game animal increasing hemorrhage. However, more current tests show that, because the meplat of the bullet causes cavitation in the wound, the sharp shoulder does not even come in contact with the flesh of the animal. However, because target paper is not sugject to cavitation, targets shot with Keith-type cast bullets have a sharper bullet hole than that produced by similar round-nose bullets.
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