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Thanks for the responses...some good information. This handgun has been shot on average probably about 100 times a year for about the last 15 years, so it has never seen a real steady diet of anything. Like I said, I primarily have shot whatever 240gr magnum I find to be least expensive when just shooting, and usually kept the 240gr Hydro-Shoks for hunting. Trying to remember back, I probably shot one box of 20 300gr through it in the mid 90's.
I do not, nor will I reload, so whatever I can buy is what I'll use. Suggestions for some really good rounds in 240gr that would be recommended over the H-Shoks? Primary use of this handgun is deer or boar. Again, thanks all for the information. 240 grain it is.

Here is my baby. Man I just realized, I need a much better pic!!! I need to have a woods pic with it on a tree stump with one of my knives, a watch, some bullets, and some leaves around. I'm not doing it justice for sure!
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