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There is no use discussing this with you further. You were not here to see what I saw. You refuse to believe what I say. You fail to understand that a round-nose bullet does not make a bullet-diameter hole in flesh, because it pushes it aside and can make a quite narrow wound channel.

Since you have failed to tell us that you have shot ANY living organism with a subsonic round-nosed bullet or pellet, I see no reason for anybody to take your word as based on any sort of expertise. Especially since it is in direct contradiction to what so many others have experienced.

And, remember, we don't suddenly become better shots when we put aside the round-nosed bullets and pick-up the wadcutters and cup-points. (In fact more the opposite.) If bullet shape made no difference, then there should be as many stories about the one that got away when hit by wadcutters as there are about the ones that got away when hit by round-noses. But, there aren't.

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