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This is kind of a rant and kind of a need for information.

I live in arguably the most liberal left wing city in Kansas, and while I support the diversity of it it can be annoying in some ways.

For example; around here if I tell someone that I am an avid shooter and gun afficiando I almost always get a look like I am some kind of trigger happy psychopath looking to kill. Its to the point where I almost don't share my firearms hobby with people I meet because as soon as I mention it I am the next spree killer in their eyes.

Last year I brought back some pheasant to clean and several people asked me why I felt the need to kill a bird (true story).I even get odd looks when I buy .22lr ammo at Wal-Mart. Every once in a while I am pleasently surprised by a fellow enthusiast but this is a rarity.

I know I am generalizing and this makres me sound like some kind of bigot (I swear I'm not) but this seems to be overwhelmingly the case.

My question is where do you guys go to just talk guns without being judged (for lack of a better term)? Mods I realize how this post could come off so do as you feel nessisry.
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