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Older Model 29 with full power loads?

I tried to look for this in the search, and just wasn't finding anything. Anyone out there with an older S&W Model 29 that shoots the more powerful or +P 300gr stuff? I normally have some sort of 240gr ammo for practice, and maybe some Hydro-Shoks or Black Hills for a little more potent hunting loads. I have used the more powerful ammo like the 300gr before, and other than noticing that the spent shells seemed to be a little tighter in the cylinder when ejecting, I had no problems.
At some point, I heard that you should not shoot these powerful rounds in a M29 made prior to 1988. I wrote S&W and eventually someone wrote back and said that yes, in fact my handgun was made prior to 1988 and should not fire anything more than 240gr. I have not since, but have wondered if there is a real danger, or is it more just some "lawyerly" precautions?
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