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The muzzle flash and report from the short 357's are definitely impressive. My wife said she preferred a "wheelgun" so I purchased her this Ruger SP101 with CT grips and she LOVES it. She practices primarily with 38's, but when we practice with 357's it is any typical decent 110gr-124gr that we find cheap. What is kept loaded for SD and in a speed loader is CorBon 110gr JHP. I think that is going to hit as hard or harder than a 124 gr gold dot from my Sig P226.

Recently we were at the indoor range shooting several of our firearms. We started shooting the SP101 in 357. There was a cop next to us practicing that eventually leaned around the barrier and tapped me on the shoulder. He had a huge grin on his face, and told me that everytime I fired that 357, it was making his teeth rattle. It puts on a show for sure.

SP101 after a day at the range:

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