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I think I have an addiction to Milsurp

When I joined TFL I had a Norinco SKS, Mosin Nagant (MN) 44 carbine, a Nagant Revolver, and a 1939 MN 91-30.

Now I have bought a 1938 MN 91-30
a 1929 hex reciever MN Dragoon
a 1891 Argentine Mauser (Modelo Argentine for the purists) 7.65x53
a 24/47 Yugoslavian Mauser in 8mm
a m213 Norinco in 9mm

I have a total of $1285 in these.

I find my self eyeballing Enfields, Mas 36's, Carcanos, Arisakas, (yes Springfields, and Garands but they are a little out of my price range if I want to stay married.)

Is there a support group? lol

Serious question Does Hoppes no9 do a good job on corrosive ammo clean up?
In order to cut down on gun crimes we The Govt. are banning all guns.

Well I guess I will sleep with a chainsaw next to my bed. Not the same as a gun but I figure the sound of it revving up will be as effective as a pump shot gun being cycled.
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