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First time loading Berry's plated .45 and 9mm, check my load data?

Hi Guys,

I've got all of my equipment and my bullets arrived from Berry's, so once I've got my cases prepped I'll be loading my first rounds this weekend. Before I do, I was hoping to get your reactions to my load data. I found this data online, apparently it's older Midway load data for Rainier plated bullets (this page is no longer available on Rainier's web site, somebody downloaded it an posted it as a .pdf), which should be very similar to Berry's.

.45 ACP
Berry's 200gr SWC (plated)

Max Case Length: .898"
Trim to Length: .888"
COAL: 1.265"
Max COAL: 1.275"

Alliant Bullseye
Starting: 4.0 (649 FPS)
Max: 6.0 gr (969 FPS)

9mm Luger
Berry's 124gr FP (plated)

Max Case Length: .754"
Trim to Length: .744"
COAL: 1.090"
MAX COAL: 1.169"

Alliant Bullseye
Starting: 3.4gr (929FPS)
Max: 3.9gr (1040FPS)

My Lyman's 49th manual doesn't cover plated bullets, but this seems to generally line up with with what they're saying for similar bullets. The one exception is the starting charge for the .45 ACP rounds. The data I found for Rainier bullets says start at 4.0 grains of Bullseye, but Lyman's 49th says for a lead 200 gr lead SWC you should start at 4.9 grains.

I don't want to start at 4.0 if it's unlikely to even cycle the gun (I have a Sig 1911 with stock recoil spring).


I've seen it written that you must be very careful with taper crimping plated bullets. Should I even bother with crimp, or go for something very very subtle?

Also, I plan to try out the "plunk test" in my Beretta 92A1 and Sig 1911 to determine ideal OAL. Any tips on how to do that properly?

Not sure if it matters too much, but I'll be using Federal primers.

My primary concern at this point is safety. I'm somewhat nervous about squib rounds as a result of not enough powder. Are squibs possible when using starting charge amounts, or will starting charges always get the round out of the barrel, barring any other mistakes on my part?

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