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“The more I find, the more I find out that Hatcher lied”

Again, I claim to have never read Hatcher, it affords me the luxury to disagree. Hatcher became a wildcatter/case former, he did not measure before and again after. He knew a case would not stretch .080”, 80/1,000, 8/100” ‘of an inch’, the guys that claim to have read Hatcher said he progressively move the shoulder forward in an attempt the increase the length of the chamber from the bolt face to the shoulder. He assumed the cases were stretching, he never considered the case was getting shorter, he did not realize the shoulder shoulder on his 30/06 cases were not moving, he did not know the shoulder was being erased and becoming part of the case body, he did not realize his new shoulder was formed from part of the old shoulder and part of the old neck.

Move forward a bunch of years, a rifle was built, the builder chambered a round, pulled the trigger and the case head blew off, the rifle was a 03 Springfield, the rifle was built with a shorter chamber than Hatchers new creation, the 30/06 Hatcher Modified. Both rifles were 03s, anyhow I informed the builder I could have told him before he left the shop what was going to happen, I told him I could have fixed the problem long enough for him to fire form his cases had I met him at the range. Hatcher did not have case head separation when he moved the shoulder forward .080” My friend had case head separation with far less difference in length between the chamber and case “WITH THE SAME RIFLE”!! if there is such a thing as all 03s being the same.

I have chambered 8mm57 ammo in a rifle that has been chambered to 8mm06, the difference in length between the chamber and case is .121” from the usual places as in from the head of the case to its shoulder and from the bolt face to the shoulder of the chamber. After firing I ejected a 8mm/06 case with a very short neck, again, the shoulder of the 8mm57 case became part of the case body and the part of the neck became part of the shoulder. Back to stretch and multi tasking or keeping up with more than one thought at a time.

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