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Doug Bowser, I refer to them as slide and glide shooters, there are times their bad habits get started when a reloader takes their advise seriously, starts like this “Benchresters do it this way, or that way, therefore, that is the way we should do it”, The grease used in Slamfires post were failures in design, meaning the only way the ammo would feed reliable was to grease, the Japanese example was a copy of another design that required slick-um on the case.

Back to the Benchrester, they defend the the method and or technique under the umbrella of fire fore forming, they do not want the case to lock onto the chamber out of fear the case will stretch??? Grease prevents stretch? One of the uglist threads I did not get involved had to do with “Greasing your bullets”, my opinion, neither side understood the question. On one side the benchresters were claiming their rifles were not like the rifles used by commoners, therefore grease in the chamber is OK.

Case stretch, my opinion, with minimum skill a reloader should be able to form first then fire. Reloaders are not required to have a working knowledge of reloading, they are not required to have a working knowledge of firearms, I have fired cases in chambers with .126 difference in length between the the case (from the head of the case to its shoulder) and length of the chamber from the bolt face to the shoulder of the chamber, the case did not stretch.

Between the chamber and case, I want air, nothing but air, clean air, not a lot of air but I want a little air, air (space) between the case body and chamber must escape when the case expands air is a fluid, air will flow, air can be compressed, grease/lube is a fluid, fluid will flow, a fluid can not be compressed, fluid is a solid. All I want between my case and the chamber is air.

Bolt thrust, it is about the .7854 thing. Greasing bullets/cases is an option? I am building a couple of benchrester type rifles, before I finish I will know the length of the chamber before I form cases, I am a form first then fire type shooter, most are fire to form type shooters, and still they make wild guestimates when adjusting the die to or off the shell holder.

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