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It is a pity that more guns like those aren't available but there never were. Of all .22 and service caliber handguns the S&W Model 14/17 and 15/18 pairs, if I'm remembering the model numbers correctly, They also made the full-lugged versions of both when they were doing that about 15 years ago. Colt even made .22 versions of the Official Police but try to find one! But apparently the idea isn't as popular as logic would make you think.

In automatics, there weren't even that many choices. The Colt Ace was available but as expensive as the Government Model and even so, I've never seen one. The Ruger 22/45 might be a good choice. There have been .22 caliber PP and PPK models but again, try to find one. The current Walther .22s are, well, unimpressive. The Beretta, though, are. They have the advantage of being the same size as some of their .380s and are very well made but have the disadvantage of being expensive.

Not only are the .22s good, maybe even perfect, for practice but are useful in their own right. Both my father and father-in-law apparently thought a .22 handgun was enough for anything they might want a gun for and who am I to argue?
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