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I carry every day, and I live in a very low threat area. Living in a Rural Area, I live on a different Planet that City Dwellers. I fire my concealed carry handguns several times each year other than at the range. I shoot poison snakes, armodillows, deer hit by vehicles, maby a snapping turtle changing ponds now and again.
Probably the highest threat place I am at is Church. You never know when somebody will bring someone to church who is having problems with an abusive husband, of boyfriend.
We have an armed robbery every 5 to 10 years in the County I live in.
We do have a murder every year or so, but normally it will be a domestic, or a drug related incident.

By carrying every day, I am 100% comfortable carrying when I do go to an elevated threat area.

I also compete in pistol matches using my concealed carry equipment.
Competing with my carry weapons, really helps get the bugs out of carrying extra ammo to reload with, holster location, etc..

The more you carry, and the more familiar you are with your concealed carry weapon, the safer everyone is around you. By carrying you are the sheep dog in the flock, and not just another sheep.

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