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9mm out of a 3" barrel carries more performance than a 357 it of a 2.5" barrel? I'm listening.....
Not really more - but - the 9mm in a +P doesn't give up much.ground to a .357 snub.
One day as I was cleaning my S&W mod 66 w/2.5" barrel and also my Browning Hi Power,I laid the Hi Power on top of the 66 just to get an idea about overall size.
I discovered that they were nearly the same size & the Hi Power was actually a bit slimmer.
I went online and started looking at the 124 gr +P 9mm loads and found out there isn't a whole lot of difference between them and a 125 gr 357 out of a 2.5" barrel.
A bonus for the Hi Power is that it's worlds easier to shoot and has far less it has twice as many rounds on board.
I traded away the 66 and never looked back.
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