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what's the deal on the shotgun for HD issue?

maybe this should be in tactics forum...anyhows, how many of you all use your shotgun of choice as your primary Home Defense weapon (or sometimes use it as your primary)?

I have never been able to shake the truth from my head that while sleeping or whatever, the shotgun is the best HD fiirearm for me. Usually I just have two revolvers ready to go, but the fact remains that the shotgun has much better deadly accuracy & I would feel a ton more secure if something truly did go bump in the night knowing I had my shotgun instead of a revolver in my hand listening to see if I hear another noise. It doesn't matter if it is a burglary, home invasion, a drunk at the wrong hosue climbing thru a window; the bottom line is having that shotgun would make me feel safer.

The only reason I don't utilize it more as a preventative, primary HD gun is I grew up hearing that leaving the shotgun shells in the shotgun is bad overtime? I have got to be honest...I don't even know how accurate that myth is, yet it is a major reason why I utilize the handguns instead. My mossberg 500 keeps 7 in the tube and one in the chamber(total of eight 3" 00 bucks). I choose usually to just go with six in the tube for if the shotgun is needed. My guess this isn't bad on the springs. Anyways, do any of you experts, fellow TFLers, and/or shotgun lovers know if it would be bad for the shotgun to leave it 'loaded' in this fashion for a year or two as an example like a revolver? Does anyone know where I am coming from on the 'shotgun for HD issue' too? I mean I hope it never happens, but the shotgun just seems like a better alternative for the SHTF scenario at 3AM Amityville Horror time.

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