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A good friend of mine for a great many years moved from NJ, our home state, to AZ long before I made the move to TX. In New Jersey there is no carry. None. NBA and NFL guys who live in NJ get "courtesy" permits from the Governor of course but for the average Joe, no go.

So whenever I would speak to my friend, who had a 2nd Gen Glock 19 in a biometric wall safe for years unfired and never carried, I would basically berate him for it. Eventually, it worked! He got out his Glock, went to the range, reacquainted himself with shooting and remembered that he loved it. He sold the 2nd Gen, bought two 3rd Gen 19s, an AR, a shotgun, etc. He became an NRA instructor and a gun rights proponent.

Once upon a time, I lived in a restricted state. Now I live in America again! I always carry. Always. The weight of my gun is lighter than regret.

Exercise those rights!

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