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The simple answer is training and practice. Shooting in IDPA or USPSA competition can help too.

I just completed my IDPA classifier last month to complete my 5-Gun Sharpshooter Certification. As a Sharpshooter I'm not super fast and more like just a bit quicker than the average competitor. The first 4 strings of fire are at 3 targets 7 yards away, 3 yards apart and require head shots. Here are my times:

At the audible signal, draw and fire two shots to the body and one to the head on each of the three targets.

Target one: 3.81 seconds
Target two: 3.35 seconds
Target three: 3.46 seconds

At the audible signal, draw and fire two shots to each head on all three targets

total for all 6 shots: 6.69 seconds

These times are with a 45 ACP revolver firing double action! I can shave a good bit off these times with a semi auto. It takes me about 1.2 to 1.5 seconds to draw, aim and fire the first shot. Sometimes I can get really smooth and lucky and beat 1 second but not on a regular basis. These times also include the time it takes to transition from one aiming point to another and/or transitioning between targets. Starting with the gun in hand and at the "low ready" position I should be able to perform one head shot in less than a second every time at this distance.

I shoot at least 3 times a month and have fired many thousands of rounds in practice and competition since starting IDPA shooting in 1997. Before that I did a lot of static target shooting and hunting with a handgun. It just takes practice and training.
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