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I just posted this reply in another similar thread:

We just got a BG380 for my wife. She was originally planning a larger gun for pocketbook carry, but she decided (thankfully) that on-body carry would be a better method. The compromise was she wanted something super small so that she could carry in any clothes in any circumstances.

A reasonable trade in my opinion. Rather a small gun/small caliber on body all the time than a full size pistol in the glove box.

We just put 100 rds thru the BG this past weekend. We both were very pleasantly surprised with it. The trigger pull is LONG and pretty heavy at the end, but it is very smooth and very predictable. The sights are ok (better than none), and we were both fine with "combat" type accuracy punching paper from 3-7 yds.

I even tried shooting a magazine at 7yds with the laser. I was flabbergasted. I put 7 rounds basically in the 10 ring on an 8" target with all holes touching but one. I had one flyer about an inch or so high right, and it was totally me. Knew I missed before the round left the barrel.

Showed me how bad my eyesight is getting, as I can't really focus on the front sight accurately anymore. For those that said the laser is useless due to the trigger pull, I did not find that to be the case. For 6 out of 7 rounds, I was able to keep the laser dead-on the bullseye the whole way thru the trigger pull...

I am probably going to buy myself a duplicate BG when funds allow to use as a pocket gun when I can't IWB my PPS, and/or as a BUG.

I recommend it highly. If you can't conceal it, then you either have made some seriously poor clothing and holster choices, or you are simply worrying too much!

I bought it at sportsman's outdoor superstore on a slickguns deal for $334 shipped to my FFL. Can't beat it.

BTW I shot the LCP back to back with the BG prior to the purchase decision. The LCP literally felt like it was going to jump out of my hand. While the BG is a bit heavier and larger, it is IMHO a different world to shoot from the LCP.
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