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James K
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First, maple makes fine stocks, hard and durable, but this sounds a bit like buying a cow to get a glass of milk; it will work, but it is not the easy way.

Stock wood has to be dried and seasoned. Using fresh-cut wood would not be feasible since it would warp as it dries, not to mention being nearly impossible to work with.

Depending on the rifle and type of stock, you would want to start with a plank about 3-4 feet long, 12" or so wide, and around 3" thick. If you have a stock you want to copy, it is easy to lay it on the rough plank, draw an outline of it on the plank, then cut away the unwanted part with a band saw.

Then using various wood-working tools, and a lot of patience, you shape the wood to the general shape of the stock, inlet it for the action and barrel, and finish off the outside to the final shape. Sanding and staining complete the job.

It is not easy to make a stock from scratch, and it is very hard with maple because, well, maple is very hard. Worse, it is a grainy wood that tends to split easily.

For some info, try googling "wood for gun stocks". There are a couple of sites that have a lot of information; you will also get an idea of prices.

All I can say is that if you choose to have a go at it, good luck.

Jim K
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