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Thanks for everyone jumping in. My question was not how to make it or if to make it, the gray area is..... do I have to heed any Batfe regs for storing or transporting small quantities for use hunting or shooting at the range. From what I read, I am not required to have a license for small quantities. I was wondering if anyone had any expertise in this area?
The best advice you've gotten so far came from the moderator, 4v50Gary:
Go to the ATF website.
The regulations are not all that difficult to understand, and they have a very useful FAQ function available that I believe answers your question. It's also very easy to look up the local district office in the phone book under US Government listings and call them. I've found them very helpful and easy to work with.

As far as storage at home, the local fire regulations will be the most important ones to follow; they're always more restrictive than the BATFE for everyone but large distributors. With respect to transportation, there are no BATFE restrictions that apply to an individual enroute to a range or hunting as long as he/she is the legal owner of the powder. That's clear on the BATFE website.
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