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Grand, I don't have a P30L, but have Kimber, SIGs, Springfield, Glocks, FN/Brownings, S&W and other 9MMs. I would check the simplest thing first, ammo. What Bentonvllle said. I have used thousands of rounds of Winchester 124 grain NATO ammo. It does have a little more energy than some commercial American ammo and reliably cycles every 9MM pistol and carbine I own. Some 9MMs really do function most reliably with NATO, or equivalent, or +P, +P+, etc. The NATO reliably cycles the full sized 9MM 1911s, which many shooters report to have stove piping, erratic ejection, failure to lock back on empty, etc. I suspect the NATO, or similar more enerjetic ammo, just might eliminate the stove-piping issue...ymmv
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