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Originally Posted by hopeisnotastrategy
Black Ops - Thanks so much for this thread. It's super valuable.

I just posted a new thread asking for advice on a decision between the Browning Maxus and the Beretta Xtreme. Your thread validated everything I've heard about the Browning.

I'm just curious if, in the time you've had your Maxus, you have been able to shoot or be around the Beretta so that you could provide a comparison.

Thanks in advance!
Sorry it took me a while to respond i'm on the forum regularly just hadn't checked the shotgun section.

I have been around one beretta duck hunting, but only once. I can't remember the model either. Bot the Xtrema and Maxus have pretty good reviews. From what i understand the Xtrema is a heavy shotgun though i've never shot or held one. I understand it is up there as far as good water fowling gas semi autos are concerned. If i had to put a stake on it i'd say go with what ever fits you. Honestly I haven't really run across many automatics that have been jammomatics. We have two 1100 skeet B models, while admittedly i've never duck hunted with them (they're too nice) the only time they've every malfunctioned is due to parts breaking. The extractor on our twelve gauge, and the metal piece the action sits on in the 20 guage. I also haven't checked prices lately, i got my maxus for right at a grand, i understand now they're a little more pricey. I do remember the beretta being around 1200-1300 though.

This doesn't get mentioned enough either when something does go wrong with the maxus in the field (like the swollen hull incident i had duck hunting) it's so quick to break down. I know some don't care about that but i really love it. When it stopped in the dove field i had it disassembled in under a minute, and i wasn't rushing.
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