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This brings up an issue that I am working on myself at this time.

Both of my kids are only very mildly interested in firearms. Neither
are interested in collectible firearms. My wife is a shooter, but
entirely of pistols.

Our primary strategy is that once I get to where I really am not at
a point to enjoy my rifle collection, I will sell it off. But... what if I get
nixed by someone texting their significant other and does a head on with
me on the highway tomorrow on the way home from work ?

I am in the process of cataloging each firearm with specifics that
would be necessary to obtain optimum results in a firearm auction.
I am also building a photographic record of each firearm. Then if
I do depart early, all she has to do is put each item on Gunbroker
with a 14 day auction period and let the market take care of giving
her maximum benefit from each sale. She really does not need
to know anything, just put the auction up with the description that
I have cataloged along with the photographs I have made. If we
are both "in the car", then my kids will have the information they
need to get maximum benefit.

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