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I agree with the posters who advocate carrying whenever possible. I do, even though I live in an area not known for crime, and I also dont frequent bad areas. It seems to me some of the most heinous crimes happen in areas where you woud least expect it. On my days off, one of my carry gun is with me 100% of the time, and when I have to travel to Mass to work, as soon as I get home my 229 is out of he safe and with me instantly. For time when carrying the bi gun is not convienient, I bring a j frame with me in the pocket, but I always have something. If you are the sort that only has big guns, considder getting something small and reliable so you can always have an option if the need arises. I live in a good area, and yet my Mom was held up at gunpoint whe I was younger, and just down the street from where I work, two people were shot to death a few weeks ago in a robbery. The s can hit the fan anywhere,at any time, without any kind of warning, so if you have a gun, keep it with you, a much as possible, I say.
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