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My question. Do you advocate carrying all the time or only when you perceive an elevated threat level?

A friend, got me to perhaps rethink my carry posture.

Currently I rarely Carry.
Rational: First I live in Maine (Statistically, living in Maine I have the least likelihood of being a victim of a violent crime than any other state in the union)................
If you find a way to accurately predict when and where you're going to be a violent crime victim, then you won't need to carry. You can just not go there.

Second, all the violent crime victims in Maine lived in the same low crime state where the odds said it wouldn't happen to them.

Third, that it's going to happen to somebody is a 100% certainty. The question isn't do you need a gun. It's really, are you going to bet your life you won't? In life, we play the odds all the time. Make your choice and live with it.

Last, we don't carry guns because we need to. We carry because the possibility exists that we'll need one.

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