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I carry anywhere I can legally carry.

But for Day in Day out all day, the risk that I accept by carrying did not in my mind out weigh the risk that I was trying to counter. After all, my goal was to make my family and myself safer. Would 24/7 carry make them and I safer or increase our exposure to risk?
They are as safe as you are with a firearm.

When ever you have in your possession and control of a device that if mishandled can cause harm or death, there is a level of inherent risk. Training and conscientious safe gun handling practices and rituals can greatly mitigate that risk but not eliminate it completely. It only takes one brain fart or moment of complacency. Have you ever ran a red light or pulled out in front of another vehicle? Or dropped a cup of coffee in your lap?
Carrying a firearm is not as complicated as driving a car. There are two basic rules that you would have to break to injure someone. As long as you keep the muzzle pointed in a safe direction and finger off the trigger, nothing bad can happen. A handgun is probably safer on you than at your home anyway. At least you know where it is.
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