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Not to say I don't carry at all. The wife and I go out fishing at night or in the sticks I carry, head to the city for dinner I carry, sometimes I just carry for the heck of it.
That is how it is with me. My choice of when to carry is not arbitrary. I carry when on the road at night. My work sometimes has been going to a far flung and lonely corner of the State, often traveling at night. I carry when out in the sticks, fishing, Moose Calling, hiking etc. I had an encounter a few years back (too long a story to relate here) that reinforced in my mind that some people have weird ideas about what is acceptable when they think there are no wittinesses. I carry in circumstances that when I do an Operational Risk management assessment of what I am doing, I perceive that I am at a greater risk than just my normal every day going to the market routine.

I'm not sure what risk you are introducing by carrying, are you referring to handling the weapon?
When ever you have in your possession and control of a device that if mishandled can cause harm or death, there is a level of inherent risk. Training and conscientious safe gun handling practices and rituals can greatly mitigate that risk but not eliminate it completely. It only takes one brain fart or moment of complacency. Have you ever ran a red light or pulled out in front of another vehicle? Or dropped a cup of coffee in your lap?

Safer with or Safer With out?
My goal is not just to Carry for Carry's sake but to be safer.
Based on my lifestyle and location, I believe that there are times that I am safer without. There are other times that a CCW makes me safer.
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