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here's where I use my Hi-Point 9mm carbine (completely reliable after about 400 rds of FMJ and JHP, by the way) ... Just started keeping it by the bed, along with my usual Springer 1911 in my nightstand ... if for some reason I had to venture into my house to face a potential enemy, the Springer goes with me ... night sights and ease of carry, ability to operate with one hand, etc. If we're hunkered down in the bedroom, the carbine is my weapon of choice, for accuracy, volume of fire (10 rds of 9mm hollow point versus 8 in the 1911) ... no fear of having my long gun taken away by a BG hiding around a corner in the bedroom, and a long "fatal funnel" hallway leading to the bedroom proper which I can shoot down from behind a corner of the bed ...
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