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Dose the risk and inconvenience that I introduce into my daily life by carrying a deadly weapon on my person out weigh the risk that I am trying to mitigate (Violent attack) by carrying that weapon.
I'm not sure what risk you are introducing by carrying, are you referring to handling the weapon?

I guess peoples definition of "inconvenience" varies, but with the proper gun, holster, and carry position that fits you personally, it shouldn't be more than a minor issue (unless, of course, your particular state puts too many restrictions on where you can legally carry).

I rarely feel a NEED to carry, but generally do so anytime I legally can. For me, it's no different than my wallet or flashlight in a pocket; I don't really notice it, but if I should need it then it is there. If I don't need it (and I hope I never do) then the effort I expended to do so is inconsequential.
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