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I used to own a StreetSweeper shotgun and once at the range I was shooting it and failed to notice that one of my kids behind me had taken off his ear muffs. I shot a round and my sons says what was that? My ears are ringing now...So I says to him half jokingly, son that's the sound of freedom, remember the song that says...let free-dom ring...and told him to put his muffs back on.

So the next week, I get called into school to discuss an inappropriate picture that my son had drawn. Uh-oh. I went in and we had a pow-wow about it. It turned out that he had drawn a picture of a StreetSweeper shotgun and gave it a title in big letters that said...(wait for it)..."Let Freedom Ring"

Nothing came of it, they just wanted to lecture me a little, and have the boy to not draw guns anymore. I thought it was cute and hilarious that the school people could get so worked up over a picture. To see that in Canada one can get prosecuted for something similar is not funny.

The level of control that they are going for is absolutely staggering. Still, the power of the spoken word is great and a picture is worth a thousand words. I can understand the power of symbolism and that it can plant seeds...and seeds grow.
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