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In NJ once you apply for permits it takes about 1-2 months and $30 to get them. They last 3 months (can be extended to 6 months if your local PD is friendly..mine is) and you can only buy 1 gun every 30 days. Hence the time contraints.

There's not that many $600 handgunds I'm looking for right now and unfortunatly after i sent in for permits something came up that required me to divert funds. hence the low budget.

The deal is, I have 6 permits coming in and I want to use them all. 3 of which are spoken for 1: 1895 nagant 2: polish tok 3: mag 98. The other 3 I'm escentially looking to "burn" on cheap guns.. just something that I can shoot from time to time and is hopefully interesting, wort case scenerio they'll make cool decorations
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