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I can't recall any random violent crimes against middle aged white guys in the 30 mile radius of where I live 90% of my life. Sure there is crime, even violent crime. Mostly against women or between trash that knows each other or robberies or bar fights. Just a fact. I'm not a woman, don't hang with trash and don't work in a bank or store or visit rough bars. Being said, I don't carry much in that radius.

Not to say I don't carry at all. The wife and I go out fishing at night or in the sticks I carry, head to the city for dinner I carry, sometimes I just carry for the heck of it. But someone would be dang hard pressed to convince me I need to carry every waking moment of the day.

My advise to you is don't let anyone spout off a bunch of one line statements like "rather be tried by 12 instead of carried by six" or " bad things can happen in good places" in attempt to convince you to carry or to justify there reasons. Use your own head and do what you think you need to do. If that means carry, so be it, if not, that will work too if your situation is like mine.
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