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If you are transporting it for target practice, or hunting, then your not going to be dragging around a 10 lb can of powder. All of us have to take our powder and bullets to the range or the woods, and I'll bet hardly any of us take a can of powder to the woods. Most of us carry 3 or 4 extra loads in a quick loader when we hunt, and probably don't carry more than a 1 lb can to the range. I would not worry about anyone questioning me about my powder. I've powder hunted for most of my life, and I have never had anyone ask me to test my powder, or check me for paperwork for having it in possession. If for some reason you are actually going to be carrying a large amount of powder, I would definitely find out what kind of paperwork I need from ATF. Otherwise they might take a REAL interest in what you intend to do with that much powder, in the light of 9-11.
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