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When to carry?

Sub -Title: Can of Worms.

My question. Do you advocate carrying all the time or only when you perceive an elevated threat level?

A friend, got me to perhaps rethink my carry posture.

Currently I rarely Carry.
Rational: First I live in Maine (Statistically, living in Maine I have the least likelihood of being a victim of a violent crime than any other state in the union). Secondly, when you look at a break down of people that become victims of violent crimes many (certainly not all) are engaged in high risk behaviors that increased their exposure to potential violence. None of which, do I participate in. So for me it was an equation; Dose the risk and inconvenience that I introduce into my daily life by carrying a deadly weapon on my person out weigh the risk that I am trying to mitigate (Violent attack) by carrying that weapon. For me, under most circumstances I believed the answer to be no, considering my location and lifestyle.

There are circumstances under which I perceive an elevated risk and do carry. But for Day in Day out all day, the risk that I accept by carrying did not in my mind out weigh the risk that I was trying to counter. After all, my goal was to make my family and myself safer. Would 24/7 carry make them and I safer or increase our exposure to risk?

A conversation that I had with a friend has caused me to challenge this rational.

Your Thoughts?
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