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I'm gonna toss out an opinion that will be about as popular here at TFL as Obama............

You're both right, you're both wrong. Odds are She's not gonna die if you're carrying, you're not gonna die if you're not. Is the slim odds of something happening worth tension in a marriage? Not to me. Compromise. My wife would think I'm off the rocker if I straped on a gun to run to the mail box and if she didn't like it I'd be better off not to do it (don't do it anyway, never will, but that's beside the point). But that's doesn't mean I'm gonna not carry if we're going to the city for dinner and a movie. Yes, two extremes I know. Anyway, go back to the second sentence of this paragraph and work something out. Personally between money and kids marriage can be hard enough that I'm not gonna push the issue for the slim odds of something happening. Another option is to carry something small, really small. Something like a little NAA revolver or keltec may not bring down her ire when you slip it into your pants pocket and is a long ways from being unarmed. Like I said, compromise and if that don't work just cave in. I'd rather risk death than having the wife peeved off everytime we went out.
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