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Gotta sell one..../cry

Seems like every time I get a decent amount of money saved up something happens and I have to drop every last cent to solve one issue or another.

The latest rendition of this sad tale is that I just had to have a new clutch installed on the car. After draining my savings account, I was still short by several hundred, which I borrowed from the bank of Mom.

Needless to say, the debt must be repaid and to do so I am parting with my Bersa Thunder 45 UC Pro - the only one I never really warmed up to.

I am planning to sell private party & FTF in my own state and area, but I am wondering what a fair asking price would be. It's duotone with nickel slide and matte frame and, lacking an exact count, roughly 500 rounds old.

Any idea what I can expect to get out of it?
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