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Check out Speer Gold Dot Short Barrel 357 Magnum 135 grain JHP @990 FPS at the muzzle. Their 38 Special +P SB load uses the same bullet and has a velocity of 860 FPS. Speer states on their website the 38 Special round is tested from a 2" barrel. I do not know how they tested the 357 Magnum round.

Besides, 40 S&W just isn't that great. I find it to be too much of a compromise in a revolver. You may as well maximize the cartridge's power if you're going to go with a medium or large frame revolver. I can see staying with 38 Special, 327 Magnum, 22 Magnum or 22 Long Rifle for small framed revolvers.

The S&W 610 in 10mm can handle it, though it is an N-Frame. They're not that difficult to conceal. Practice with 40 S&W and carry 10mm.

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