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Senior design project

Hello all. I have posted this on other forums as well but I am trying to get input from as many people as possible. I am new here as a member on The firing line but I have read quite a bit on this site and I decided to join. I am a Mechanical Engineering Technology Student in my final year. Another student and I are researching a project we feel could be quite helpful. We are developing, designing and building a one handed shotgun for our senior design project. More of the design is the stock than the gun. We came up with the idea because we feel it would help single arm amputees enjoy shooting more comfortably and more accurately. We also have tossed around the idea of use in tactical situations as well. It would be nice to be able efficiently use a shotgun without even the slightest thought of using you other hand. My thoughts are using a Mossberg 500 or Remington 870 for the pump version and the Mossberg 935 or Remington 1100 or 1187 for semi-auto.

It is a requirement to gain input from other gun-owners and especially amputees.

I am asking you all for your input, suggestions, products you have seen like this(the more info on them the better. I want to make sure I am not taking anyone's patent or anything), which shotgun(make/model) do you suggest for semi-auto or pump and why?

We do already have a basic design and features list, but I do not want to put it up yet because I do not want to influence your answers in any way. I am more looking for accessories, features, or other things you have used that you added on, modified, or that came with a gun(i.e. a stock I bought for a mossberg was everything I wanted in a gun stock except the end of the butt stock was really thin and was very uncomfortable to shoot. Also when it folded the shells wouldnt eject properly because the stock folded in front of where the shells came out). Which things did you hate or love about them, and obviously why?

Thank you all for your input.
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