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I am not sure if you have understood the adjusting tension concept; you have not mentioned that you have attempted adjusting the tension on either extractor.

You're right, cause I didn't want to both on the Colt extractor. So I thought the Wilson was plug and play. Guess I gotta change that.

Just because you have a new part doesn't mean that it is properly adjusted/tensioned for your particular 1911. 1911s are NOT plug and play.
Just learned the hard way..

You could also take the extractor out of your SA and try it out in your Colt; you know that the tension on that extractor is working in your SA. (However, do realize that it is possible to "throw' the adjustment "off" just by taking it out/in of the tunnel; depending on how it is done. And that each particular specimen can be a "different animal" as it were.)

Blah...well that's just not cool. I'll pass on having another messed up 1911. One is enough. I'd imagine it's the same feeling when one of your kids is sick? (I wouldn't know, I'm not a father, I'd imagine)

And again a truly good resource is the Jerry K book that I linked in an earlier post.
I'll get that one day..I don't want to buy a book and wait a week for it or longer and still not understand what I'm reading. "/

I'm anxious to fix this thing asap. Not too many competent gunsmiths down here that I trust my 1911's with anymore.

I think I may send it out to someone soon..

Thanks for the help AZAK, I don't think I can pull off all that stuff with weight and measurements and all that fun stuff. Not a good time to start learning for me right now anyways.

Guess I'll just pay to get it fixed.
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