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I sure wish price didn't matter. I'd pick the Sig 232, chiefly because it is of good quality and it's flatter than either the CZ or the Beretta. It happens to be lighter, too, but over time I've decided that's less important. I've also decided that the .380 is perfectly adequate, while not perfect. Cost of the ammunition does not enter into the matter (partly because cost wasn't supposed to matter in picking the pistol either).

If you have a very small 9mm, not to mention some of the .380s, you'll find you might not want to do a lot of shooting with it in the first place. But on the other hand, I not one of those who believes you need to shoot a few thousand rounds just to be barely competent. If you want to be a trick shooter, then maybe you do.

Another reason I'd pick the Sig is because I haven't owned one. I have owned a CZ, a Beretta and two or three Colt .380 Government Models, which I believe is even better than all the rest, which is no doubt why they quit making it.
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