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Originally Posted by hogdogs
I would gladly use my .22 Rem-Win-Sav-Lin repeater in a heartbeat against a puma...

Size of caliber doesn't bother me at all... It is the irresponsible use of firearms inaccurately I got issues with...
This is what I have the biggest problem with also. As for size of caliber, the cougar was shot in the chest, not the head, in which case I think caliber would be a bit more important as well.

How many of you would hunt deer with a 9mm or .40? How many places is it legal? There are reasons most handgun hunting is done with larger caliber, longer-barreled pistols than the typical service pistol. They hit harder and are easier to hit with for most people. If they had a rifle or shotgun it should have been the go-to weapon, instead of sending 4 superfluous rounds into who knows what places. If they only had service pistols, well, I can only assume their training regime isn't as thorough as I would like for a person who straps on a gun every day, especially as the cougar was not reported to be shooting back or otherwise mauling anybody. Then again, maybe the first shot was good, the next four missed a running cougar, and the last bullet hit and did the trick, I don't know. But somehow I doubt that was the case.
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