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Do We Need a New 40 Revolver Option?

I really like revolvers and I really like the 40 S&W.

In your opinion, would a 5 shot moon clip fed 40 revolver from S&W sell? I'm thinking 3" K frame fixed sight DAO gun with black DLC coating, compact round butt wood grips and Novak styled night sights. What do you think?


Would it be better as a new rimmed case caliber, let's say the 40 BGS(Bad Guy Stomper). Maybe it could be .05" longer, have a bit of taper and be loaded to 25000 - 30000 psi MAX to ease ejection. Same basic gun as above, but with the idea reloads would be carried in a speed loader or speed strip.

Either one would be targeting a .401" 155gr GDHP at 1200 fps. .401" groove dia and .4015" throats.
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