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Well i guess there is a consensus on much smaller lots than what I am attempting. I just thought if I put 2000 on the shelf I could put away my 9mm dies for a few years. Then concentrate on what i really shoot....45acp and 223/5.56. Thanks again guys. I come here daily to read what you guys are up to.
On a single stage press, I used to run 9mm in 100-300 round lots for established loads, or 50-100 round lots for test loads.

Now, of course, I have a progressive press for that. I generally run 300-500 at a time, but 1,000+ is not unheard of.

Don't worry about the numbers. Just load 9mm until you start getting a little tired of it. Then move on to something else. Don't go too far with the 9mm, or you'll burn yourself out on all reloading. Just move on to something else when you start wishing you weren't loading 9mm. The progressive press will come in due time.
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