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I am not sure if you have understood the adjusting tension concept; you have not mentioned that you have attempted adjusting the tension on either extractor.

Here is a quick/down and dirty look at extractor tension:

Just because you have a new part doesn't mean that it is properly adjusted/tensioned for your particular 1911. 1911s are NOT plug and play.

You could also take the extractor out of your SA and try it out in your Colt; you know that the tension on that extractor is working in your SA. (However, do realize that it is possible to "throw' the adjustment "off" just by taking it out/in of the tunnel; depending on how it is done. And that each particular specimen can be a "different animal" as it were.)

There are jigs and ways of using weights/measurements to adjust tension. Just curious if you have an understanding of what is involved; Hunter Customs mentions a bit more of the "advanced" tuning that can be involved in an earlier post.

And again a truly good resource is the Jerry K book that I linked in an earlier post.
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