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I've heard a few bad things about them, but like mine alot especially for summer carry. Never had a problem except when I tried TulAmmo. DON'T use it in SNY small frame auto. I have the crimson trace on it which doesn't get in the way and can be helpful in some instances. The gun feels nice in my hand & body is very smooth with nothing to get hung up on when drawing. I really liked the S&W Bodyguard. I liked the look, feel, finction & Quality. The only reason i didnt choose it is there was too many protrusions to get hung up on when drawing I'm not that familiar with the bersa. The ruger has a lot of good feedback, but just didn't felt right in my hand for some reason. The KelTec felt like a toy that I wouldn't want to net my life on. Everything about it looked & felt cheap. Just my opinion The Taurus TCP is what I carrying w/ IWB holster & Hornaday critical defense alternated with a cpl FMJ. I've CC everything from derringers to full size 1911's depending on occasion & time of year.
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