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The Pig Test

Guys, were I live we have a lot of wild hogs. I have found that if you want to get real world results on a rifle or pistol load shooting pigs works great. A 200 lbs. pig is just like a 200lbs. naked human. With many years shooting, what we call pest and the rest of the world calls breakfast, I have tested many loads in rifles and hand guns on pigs. OK, P.E.T.A. people the hand gun shots were tested on a dead hog. I did not hunt one with hand gun loads. Anyway a pistol round acts one way when it is a gut shot and another going through bone. Since I a carry a 9mm for my personal and home protection the round I found work best in both gut and through bone is 124gr. +P Gold Dot. Now, I sleep just fine knowing what I carry in my gun does what is expected. These findings should not be a big surprise and its sure not rocket science. If you want to know what ammo works best spend 15-20 bucks and get some large pork ribs, the type with the big bones not baby backs, and put them in front of 5 or 6 water jugs place 2-4 plys of blue jeans in front of it all and pull the trigger. I make my shots at 15 feet away with the hand gun test. That is about as far as you get when it comes to getting into real world shootings involving a hand gun. You will be surprised at the different results you will get from what all the experts say and write about.
Give it a shot it makes for a great deal of fun.
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