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I was surprized nobody said this earlier^^^^
I've had to remove the pin from my RCBS dies on a few occations.Plus some like Hornady also have 2 different sized pins that you can change out.Also what do you do when a pin breaks?? Oh ya, replace the pin. So to the OP, just unscrew the knob on the expander stem and take the pin out , if you can't just back it out far enough without having the expander ball in the neck at the same time as the outside is being sized down.
As far as not depriming a live primer, WOW. how big of a bang(or damage) can a little primer do? I have played around and hit some questionable ones with a hammer on the concrete floor(safety glasses of course),they are just little firecrackers. It's sole purpose is to provide a hot flame to ignite the powder, it has very,very,very little pressure or "explosive"(if you can call it that) properties.
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