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Since you said you are new to reloading and only have a few loaded. I'd just put them in a box well marked with what they are and taped shut.Then when you get a bullet puller someday you can pull them.It doesn't pay to get one for a couple shells.If you keep loading you will probably get(need) one."

I vote for this.

I did this from the time I started reloading in the 60's until a few months ago (took about a 40 year hietus.)

Finally bought a kinetic for $20. So far I have saved $3.79 with the bullets and cases I have salvaged.

Don't most rifle dies have a depriming pin that can be removed and the expander left in?

If you started with the Lee Classic loader, you probably popped a few primers. Usually needed to change underwear but no permanent damage.
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