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Originally Posted by hooligan1
Brian it's in plain black and white... Wild willly I use "handloaded ammo" because it's better than commercial,you have no dog in this fight, so fall off the edge of the world and mash your finger young man. And guess what boy's I have all my fingers and both my eyes! I have been doing this at a very safe level for years.

Why would you tell a novice that it's Okay to decap live primers when the book says no....

PM me please.
There's nothing here that requires a PM.

Decapping a live primer is simply not a big deal. I know what the books say. As I pointed out, they also say to never buy once fired brass and never exceed their max loads, even when other books might have starting loads higher than their max load.

A couple of small safety precautions and it's PERFECTLY safe. A primer is not a grenade. Even if it goes off, it's going to scare the crap out of you and make your decapping pin black. It's not going to kill or even maim you.

As Willy points out, many firearms manuals specifically state not to use reloads, it's right there in black and white, and you (and millions of others of us) happily ignore that warning.

Really, decapping live primers is NOT a big deal. Safety glasses, ear plugs and gentleness is all that's required.
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